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  1. Anytime :) The reason I'm asking is, that I've had pumps that was just a few milisec to slow to spin up and gave me that error :)
  2. But, what about the pump? it needs to return data pretty fast, so that the boot knows that there is a fan.
  3. Yes, in BIOS you can turn it on/off. Does your pump spin up instantly when you turn on the PC?
  4. Does your pump return PWM data as how fast the pump is running?
  5. There is a CPU fan header on the mother, you can either turn the check off or put any PWM data into it to make it things there is a fan :)
  6. Hello everyone. So, I have an suggestion for iCUE, which is being able to open another windows for the dashboard. Right now my dashboard is completely full, so if I want to add another sensor (which I want to), then I have to remove an sensor for it to be able to be there. Yes, you can scroll down in the dashboard to have more sensors, but that ins't a useful option, since if you are in a full screen game, then you can't just scroll down without messing with the game window. So it would be awesome if you could open another dashboard window which could be moved to another screen etc.
  7. https://forum.corsair.com/forums/forum/203-deutscher-support-german-support/ But there is a problem with the forum atm, where some people can post in certain categories, they are working on it tho
  8. Just tested with my LS100, no problems on my end.
  9. Cool, can you report back here when it works again, so I dont have to spam your back ends with errors
  10. @Technobeard, I have a little problem when trying to post in the iCUE sub-category (url: https://forum.corsair.com/forums/forum/236-corsair-icue/?do=add). It just says something went wrong, please try again.. I've added a screenshot.
  11. Yes, it works perfectly, no flicker or anything at full power. I have 2 x 2m tubes, where there is 120LEDs on each, where it's 60LED/m, so there is 60 LEDs per channel. and then after first meter, I connect next channel, so it's 1 channel per meter and you can't really see that there is a new connection after first meter, it looks like a whole 2 meter, iCUE just doesn't support this (yet?), so I still have to configure each 2 meter of 2 x meter. In my setup I just picked that 1.4m external strip option in iCUE and mark 120 LEDs of them, that way it actually looks like a full 2 me :)
  12. If you are going to make 2 x 60LED strips, then you can just use the power from the LNP. In my own setup, I have a few LNPs where 2 of them have 60LED/m strips connected to them, self made with ws2812b, there haven't been any problems with power at all, so you can safely just use the power from the LNP.
  13. To be sure, you did install iCUE right? Is the bad sound constant? does is happen all the time?
  14. If you want to control them individuel, then yes or a commander pro. If some of the fans is gong to spin at the same speed, they you can use a PWM splitter
  15. Yes, that would work, so get more USB headers.
  16. Welcome to the forum first of all Do you have other Corsair stuff connected to your PC? If so, does other things disconnect and connect randomly?
  17. I got the SE version, but I don't have this problem tho. If I mute it, it stays muted until I unmute it, just tested it on discord.
  18. nevermind, found this little wonderful button at the bottom of the site
  19. I already have that and it's just semi working I would say, I there goes long time between refresh den it's clear with only new things, however, if there is shorter between then there is old items in there too. Is there some kind of new tag that expires after X time? (Which I think there is, hence why I was hoping for a clear new function)
  20. When using custom activity stream here on the forum, is there a way to clear the list, so when on next reload only new posts is showing?
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