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  1. I run 20h2 with Corsair Link but in order to do the update from windows 10 1909 to 20h2 I had to completely wipe my windows installation and start from scratch. After that I re-installed Icue and it works fine.
  2. I was never been able to update. I tried everything. Uninstalling all the corsair products, remove all the USB peripherals attached to my computer. Nothing worked. I ended up re-installing Windows from scratch and then install the update right away. That worked.
  3. Nice, so excited ! I'll definitely wait as I have the 2080ti version but so cool to see that they continue with this form factor !
  4. oh, thanks for the info ! I'll stay away from it for now :-)
  5. There was no rgb cable. You have to choose the color when you buy it and you can't interact with it.
  6. Agreed, HWinfo is the only one that can show all the info Here is a screenshot of my Stream Deck https://ibb.co/TvCCDcF
  7. Is that the one you got? https://www.cdw.com/product/MSI-MEG-Z490I-UNIFY-motherboard-mini-ITX-LGA1200-Socket-Z490/6091414?cm_cat=google&cm_ite=6091414&cm_pla=NA-NA-MSI%20COMPUTER%20CORP_EC&cm_ven=acquirgy&ef_id=Cj0KCQjwjPaCBhDkARIsAISZN7Q5eG6fdGaYocpNyFG6rDiAmNR_uLgJOc5mTFi_PRLwo1Bl9vR6544aAt8iEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!4223!3!359160031835!!!g!338997036959!!2050680717!74269157722
  8. Yes because it's using HWinfo data so you need both
  9. Thanks for Sharing. I use it in combination with Aida64 and show the data on a separate 7"screen https://ibb.co/bg0hR12
  10. But is there another way to control the fan? I always thought that you need ICUE to control it. For exmaple. I set it to 60% all the time but when playing I put it to default and let ICUE decide which RPM to use.
  11. I did not had the Blue screen but had a similar experience trying to upgrade to the lastest Window 10 update (20h) It was stuck at reboot at the boot options menu. I was always able to go back to windows as after a few reboot, it was uninstalling the update. At the end I had to do a clean windows 10 installation (keeping the personal files) Something is indeed up with some Corsair software not compatible with the latest windows 10 update that came out in October. Come on Corsair you are better than that...
  12. So in MSConfig, I only see 3 Corsair services Corsair Gaming Audio Configuration Service Corsair LLA Service Corsair Service Which one should I disable?
  13. That was a great suggestion. I just tried, removed everything, but it did not work :-(
  14. I would think that they have been hit with the same issues than everyone. Trying to get 3000 series is not that easy but you have a point, maybe they can communicate a little better and give us a sneak peek even if we are months away.
  15. Hi guys, has anyone been able to install the Feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2 It's trying but failing after the reboot and get stuck and the boot menu. I have to reboot twice and then Windows is rolling back the update buit will ask me again later to reboot to install the update... I have the corsair one i160
  16. The entire lineup is incredible. I do have a i160 and I am amazed how quiet it is. If you don't do gaming with intensive graphics / CPU operations you will almost never hear it. It also depends where you are located. For me I'm in the living room where there is already a little bit of noise on a day to day basis. I can probably start to hear the fan when it's at 1300rpm or so. All in all, I think this is one of the best options on the market if you are looking for a quiet and powerfull PC.
  17. So I tried both and decided to keep the Noctua. I could use the extra 150 rpm but also I felt it was a little more silent at 1100rpm which is my default setting. They are both great anyway and I did like the LED stuff but Noctua won it still
  18. I do have the same Nvme in my Corsair 160 and it's getting really hot. at idle with the top fan at 1000 rpm I have 67c, when playing having grahics games with fan at 1500rpm I can go up to 80c. Do you have the same issue? That might be different for you as you have now a different ventilation system
  19. I'm pretty excited, thanks all for the feedback. I order the below and will compare both this weekend. Corsair ML140 Pro LED, Red, 140mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Cooling Fan (CO-9050047-WW) Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-2000 PWM, Heavy Duty Cooling Fan, 4-Pin, 2000 RPM (140mm, Black) Since I upgraded my Nvme to a 970 Plus, my temps are going up. When playing I can have my Nvme going up to 80c ! even with the fan at full speed.
  20. Found it !. I created a new profile and changed the custom to 70% (it's still relatively silent and cool the drive to 64 degress). I use Streamdeck to change the profile when the drive is getting a little hot for my taste. Next step is to investigate how I can automate this and change the profile automatically based on the Nvme temp
  21. I see, thank you for the answer. It's probably a stupid question but it's the first time I have a Corsair gear and use iCue. How do you set the fan speed? Mine are doing it automatically for the moment
  22. This is what I'm getting in Crystal Disk Info https://pasteboard.co/JIx5z2y.png
  23. Going back to this, I see that you installed the same Nvme as I have (970 evo plus 2tb). What are your temperature reading for this? Mine ar in the mid 70s Centigrade which I found pretty high.
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