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  1. I think you should try it first before replying. Obviously, your platform is resizing large images to 1200x675 automatically. To keep it simple, can you please just zip it and upload? So that the invision platform won't resize it.
  2. Sorry, but when clicking on the image, it is linking to https://content.invisioncic.com/p313717/monthly_2021_07/Cujo_Wallpaper_3840x2160.png.a9cb34622ab38a36c34eeb089d9b9212.png and this image is 1200x675. How can I download the 3840x2160 image?
  3. I don't know why, but HWINFO is the ONLY software that can show Corsair One specific stats. I have tried so many different software, but none of the others can show this.
  4. Probably you are using an older version of Corsair One. For mine, it doesn't use Corsair Link, and there is a category called "Corsair One" in all versions of HWINFO with coolant, fan, and pump stats.
  5. The OP is from Hong Kong, not in the USA. So the laws are different. Can Corsair staff confirm that the service center in Hong Kong will accept RMA without the stickers? I want an official statement too. Then I can open up the sides if needed.
  6. Yeah, it is very convenient. We can show any data there, hundreds of them. We can also choose the display type for each data. E.g. bar, chart, icon, text etc. in different sizes. But I like it in minimalistic plain text style. Those few key data is all I need to monitor for my Corsair One. No theme is needed at all. You can define color for each piece of text, background color, border, etc.
  7. Thanks for sharing! Can Aida64 monitor Corsair One specific data? e.g. coolant, pump rpm, top fan rpm?
  8. Just sharing :laughing: Finally, I found a simple software that can monitor Corsair One specific data on the desktop. I have tried so many different apps (e.g. LibreHardwareMonitor, OpenHardwareMonitor, SidebarDiagnostics, etc), but none of them can't monitor Corsair One specific data (e.g. top fan, pump, and coolant) But HWiNFO does! So we need the HWiNFO v7, HWiNFOMonitor v2.0, and 8GadgetPack v33 to make it work. You can basically show ALL kinds of data in the widget (fully customizable) and it is using virtually no resource!
  9. Hi, I'm from HK and the serial number is also "-UK". I bought it from an authorized retailer with a warranty. Yes, there are factory labels to prevent you from opening the sides. Based on my understanding, we can open the top cover to replace fans. But opening up the sides will void the warranty. See that silver labels with the Corsair logo, that's the "factory label". india map png images
  10. My Corsair One i145s is working perfectly fine, but I see a red light at the top view (near the back of the power button). I haven't look at it for quite some time, so I don't remember if it was like this before. This is normal, right?
  11. Sorry, I don't know about this. So you may need to wait for Corsair staff to reply you.
  12. Here: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/downloads
  13. From my understanding of how the fan works. Hope it helps. Default = the fan is turned off by default and it will only turn on when coolant reaches around 40c. It will run at full speed when coolant reaches around 44c. Extreme = always run at full speed. Custom = the fan runs at your defined fixed percentage, but it will speed up if needed. e.g. if you set it as 10% but the coolant is too hot, the fan will run higher than 10% automatically by iCue.
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