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  1. Could be something related to the saved settings, please try to rename the file %appdata%\LedControllerEngine\settings.json (by default c:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\LedControllerEngine\settings.json) into settings.json.backup and re-open the new version. I'll do some debugging asap.
  2. Good news everyone! (World of Warcraft Putricide quote) I managed to add support for multiple ports; every command (load settings, save settings, stage-to-live) and every effect are now sent through selected port(s) (feedbacks are welcome). - Port(s) selection has moved from Settings to the main window to easily switch between them - Added new fan's settings introduced by Charixfox for the current effects (I've not yet looked inside the firmware to catch stripe's new features :laughing:) the next weeks I'll be away for work, when I come back I'll try to implement the new features for the strips and the "group settings" feature; if there is something unclear I will come back to ask you :biggrin: Thank you for your work! LedControllerEngine-1.1.zip
  3. Apologize, I'm a bit busy atm :laughing:. I quickly tried the library HIDLib (https://github.com/mikeobrien/HidLibrary) but I was unable to find the device and also by looking on Device Manager I see Arduino under Ports but I didn't find it under USB controllers: Any ideas? I will do some tests as soon as I have time :):
  4. My goal is to have a software running in background where users can compose sequences of animations and that software let the animation switches at scheduled times/timespan/timeout. I made a little change that closes serial port after the commands are sent; so you can do everything you need without closing and reopening the application :): LedControllerEngine.zip
  5. Thank you, there is still a lot to do and my goal is very ambitious. I do not know ... but it seems to be related to something that has nothing to do with board communications... I fixed some bugs and added a bit of logging; try the attached version (as always GitHub is aligned) and the next time it crashes please pm me your log file; log files are in the folder "%appdata%\LedControllerEngine\logging" (Windows 7/8/10 by default is "c:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\LedControllerEngine\logging"). Thank you LedControllerEngine.zip
  6. Added a second tab to manage stripe settings; by clicking Apply button both Fans and Stripes settings are sent if the following conditions are met: Fans: - at least one Fan is selected - effect is selected Stripes: - at least one Stripe is selected - effect is selected Attached zip contains the current version, GitHub is also updated LedControllerEngine.zip
  7. Ok, Visual Studio is a lot easy but, as for every software, the first time you have to invest a bit of time to get familiar with the development environment; if you have any questions don't esitate to ask. Building features without the ability to try them is like a blindfold-jump :biggrin:; By reading the Charixfox firmware documentation I understand that the difference between fans and stripes is only the group number (fans 1 to 6, stripes 7 to 10), example: sets BPM mode needs 4 parameters: - fan number 1 needs the following command: ^1.0.6, #selected mode: BPM ^1.1.2, #BPM parameter ^1.2.200, #Hue multiplier parameter ^1.7.10 #Beat multiplier parameter - stripe number 1 needs the following command: ^7.0.6, #selected mode: BPM ^7.1.2, #BPM parameter ^7.2.200, #Hue multiplier parameter ^7.7.10 #Beat multiplier parameter that's exactly what the application does. @Charixfox is that correct or I'm doing something wrong?
  8. What error message it gives you? Edit: I add a zip file containing the current version of the application (.NET Framework 4.6.2 required), and I have to add logging feature in the next version :biggrin: LedControllerEngine_1.0.0.zip
  9. Project update: Stripes are now supported (not tested) Transfer Stage to Live is available
  10. I'm not very familiar with GitHub, some practice needed... the project is here: https://github.com/kubdotnet/LedControllerEngine
  11. Atm they aren't supported. I can try to add them to the Application (this should be easy), but I can't try it because I do not have strips.
  12. I found some hours and went ahead with the job. progress report: - changed UI - added settings panel - added hue bar to set color - every effect settings is now saved when applied to the fan and loaded on the next opening - new icon - minor fixes I feel GitHub closer Charixfox ;):
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