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  1. Hi as if the heatsink pads are missing, is there any chance this is a mismatch? Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 30-SERIES STRIX GPU Water Block (3090, 3080, 3070) is compatible with ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 Gundam (ROG-STRIX-RTX3080-O10G-GUNDAM) graphic card.
  2. hi very annoying. Default fan and pump speeds for Hydro x are lost. It was like this in the last update, it wasn't there before version=icue 4.11.274
  3. I'm so disturbed by the sound he makes as he springs Even though I am 80 kg, it bothers me when I sit for a long time. I have a T2 red stripe model, the quality of the material used in the black parts and the red stripe painted material are not the same It has only been 1.5 years and the red section has been peeled off in the seating area. I sent a ticket for this issue ..
  4. Hi Conflict21 sample pictures are available here I must say it will not be as easy as it seems ..
  5. Hi I think it got better like this. but I had a problem. commander pro is broken and pump speed is not working. in two I sent tickets to corsair support. [ame= ] [/ame]
  6. Hi I want to make sure of something My build XC7 + XD5 +XR7 360 + XR5 240 + XR5 120 + GPU(EK Water Blocks EK-FC Radeon VEGA Strix) pc idle and in normal use, the pump makes 2100 - 2200 rpm and enough noise to disturb Less noise at 2500 rpm when set quickly with iCue the real problem, works very fast in games and everything is fans 1600rpm the computer is making a lot of sound is it normal? I was using h115i pro before, there is not that much noise and the processor temperature was lower
  7. Hi You can choose manually after adding to cart. As said, you should pay attention to their choice. I used XR7 360mm for 500D RGB SE, but I had to take the fans on the front panel outside. For XD7 In-case and graphics card width should be appropriate or you need to choose a vertical video card in a case.
  8. Hello, “ TERRIBLE ! :p” thank you for your comment. Tubes I will do this as soon as possible. There are stains on the CPU block and the pump I need to clean it because it waited for 2 weeks. I will renew the tubes after cleaning. I can evaluate different ideas about radiators and tubes.
  9. thanks for not saying bad :) The apparatus for bending the tubes did not come, I hurried it was a little bad since it was my first experience :) How should I connect the tubes for better efficiency ? now PUMP > GPU > XR5 120 > XR5 240 > CPU > XR7 360 like this. I will rearrange for the tubes, maybe I can add 3 more fans by inserting the graphics card vertically
  10. My hydro x build Corsair hydro x XH300i Kit (XR7 360) + XR5 240 + XR5 120 + EK Water Blocks EK-FC Radeon VEGA Strix Tubes are not good when you first do this work :( I will do the tubes again in the future. Radeon VEGA Strix is a big card, so I didn't use it vertically I haven't yet edited the cables :) I had to replace my previous motherboard(maximus xi hero) malfunctioned and empty the complete system again and reconsidering the corsair obsidian 500D RGB SE model. 5 cm will be enough from all sides :)
  11. hi Which cable do you use for the vertical?
  12. If you make the connections correctly, there will be no problem make the connections in this diagram .. get the air direction inwards from the front panel(3+3 fan) top(2 fan) and rear(1fan) fans out. sample (I'm sorry, I can't speak English. I am just writing to help.)
  13. i understand you want to use 6 fans in h150i For example, for ll120 + 360 radiator + ML120 front panel first Connect the fans (ML120) that come on the h150i to their fan terminals. Connect all LL120 fans to commander pro
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