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  1. Yeah I thought so 😃. I guess that would still mean draining the loop, getting the GPU out and removing the block, before anything can be disassembled. Not sure if it is worth the risk for one LED that basically makes no optical difference. The acrylic block scatters the light very well on the XG7 and there is no dark spot. Thanks for your input, if more LEDs fail or if deactivating the faulty LED no longer works I guess I have no other choice than tearing it down.
  2. I wasn’t aware that you can swap out the led strips on the XG7. Is there a manual somewhere? I checked and couldn’t find anything
  3. Interesting idea… but it is actually the other way round. When booting from a cold state they always flash. After an hour of gaming when I try to turn that LED on again it works sometimes. But that wouldn‘t make sense would it?
  4. After 6 months of having no issues suddenly the LEDs on my XC7 and XG7 are acting weird. It is a daisy chain XD5, XG7, XC7 plugged into a CoPro. 3 LEDs on the XG7 and all of the XC7 ones are flashing in random colors no matter what profile I set. I have narrowed it down to a single LED on the XG7. If I disable that one everything works again. So obviously that LED is sending a messed up signal down the line making all the other LEDs flash. However sometimes it also works normally with that LED enabled. Any idea what the issue could be? The LED is not dead otherwise it would not work at all. All components and iCue are updated to the latest version. What kind of issue can make it work some times and some times not?
  5. Well in my case it definitely was the pump not running at full power when hooked up to the external PSU. I just replugged it to a CoPro port which was set to 100% PWM and it instantly went from not being able to push a single drop of water through the circuit to blasting it through as if it was nothing. The theory that the pump does not run at full power when the PWM cable is connected but does not receive a signal definitely makes sense in my case
  6. For me it was definitely not 60% it felt more like 20-30ish. The pump could barely push the fluid past the GPU which was like the 3rd component. But the pump is running fine now. I use it at 60% and the flow rate seems decent. It’s not really a big deal.... when I swap out the fluid I’ll try with the PWM cable disconnected which was not the case on my first try and if it doesn’t work I’ll just use the CoPro of a 2nd PC again
  7. No I’m still at work but I’ll do it later and let you know EDIT: it was indeed the fan of the PSU... I disabled zero fan mode and now everything stays silent. Thanks c-attack for the hint
  8. Good call, that might be it. I just checked, it is in Zero RPM mode. I’ll try later today without it.
  9. All, my PC is making a weird noise every 5-15 minutes. It sounds like a fan is accelerating very fast for a split second and then goes back to normal again. The only things that are moving in my computer are 10 QL120 fans that are connected to a CoPro via 5 2 way splitter cables, the XD5 pump and the fan of the AX850 PSU. I compared the noise with manually accelerating the pump and the QLs to 100% PWM. The pump has a completely different sound and the QLs have a lower pitch than the weird sound that I am getting. For the QL fans I also don’t see any RPM spikes in the Dashboard, but that might be due to the 1s polling rate which is probably too slow to catch it. I have tried with ICue 3 and 4 and it happens on both versions. It is not really a big deal but still I would like to get to the bottom of it. Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be?
  10. Well the high idle temps came from the GPU sitting at 110W. I was more concerned about the high delta T under load, but you were totally right, I can’t compare it with a thermostat at the wall and with the 24-25C I have at the inlets 12C delta T is ok for QL fans I guess. Side and Bottom do not change much maybe 0.5 to 1C in idle compared to full load. Top always stays 1C above Coolant temperature
  11. Update with 3 temp sensors at radiator inlets (Furmark) Coolant is measured at reservoir, Thermostat at the Wall Shows 22C Case closed: Coolant 36.8C, Inlet Top 37.8C, Side 25.5C, Bottom 24C Open Side and Front Panel: Coolant 36C, Inlet Top 29C, Side 25.5C, Bottom 24.3C External fan blowing around the case shows no difference I fixed the GPU idle power with the Nvidia settings. Power plan in windows has to stay on performance, otherwise I lose like 20 FPS in games like Valhalla
  12. I have 3 open temperature slots on the CoPro but I am not sure what you mean. Do I attach them to the radiator, have them floating over the Fans or where should I place them? I can turn on a mobile air conditioning unit in summer if ambient becomes a problem
  13. I checked with performance mode off, GPU & CPU are 30W each then, Water temperature is 29C in idle. It's just weird that there are people with single rads and similar temperatures or other people with 3 rad setups that have water temps in the low 30s at full load. Do they all have 2000 RPM turbines on top of them? I know the QLs are very poor radiator fans but is it that much of a difference? I don't really want to swap them because I very much like the aesthetics of my build :) I could mount 3 Noctua NF F12s behind the vertical radiator on the side though, not sure if that is good idea. There are people who say so and people who don't. Personally I would assume that its not much of a problem because I don't think that the NFs would push more air through the radiator than the QL can handle flow-wise. I might get weird acoustics but that should be manageable with fan curves. What do you think?
  14. Hm something must be horribly wrong with my setup then. I have a 10900k and a 3090, my room temperature is 22.5C I have 3 360 Rads, with the top one probably not contributing much but still 2 Rads have direct access to fresh air (I don't use dust filters). Picture When I boot up my PC from a completely cold state the XD5 sensor also shows ambient temperature. However in idle the coolant goes to 32.5C. GPU is pulling ~100W and CPU ~30W in that state (I have power settings to max. performance). Fans are at 900RPM. That is a 10C Delta T to ambient which is horrible in this case. When I fire up Furmark I get 340W on the 3090 and 60W on the CPU which is 400W total or more than 3 times the power output than in idle. Interestingly the coolant temp only goes to 42.5C with fans at 900RPM and 37C with fans at 1200 RPM. Unless my thermodynamic knowledge is not completely wrong cooling performance is pretty much linear if everything else stays as is (flow rate & fan RPM). So with a delta T of 10C in idle with 130W I should get 30C delta T at 400W, no? Is it possible that my temperature sensor is showing false values? Or what could be going on here? Component temperatures seem pretty normal, GPU 45-47, CPU 60-65
  15. What is your water temperature with the single radiator setup?
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