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Well here goes attempt number 2 seeing as someone has deleted my post from the corsair forums once already today, Brilliant customer service so far by the way (sarcasm) as I already stated earlier today I have received my RMA number for my PSU to be sent back to the Netherlands (in England myself) But my main issue is to do with Corsair returning the new PSU. I have no way of receiving the item as I live in a 3rd floor flat with no entry system/doorbell. All I would like to know is who Corsair use to send the PSU back to me & is there a way for corsair to inform the delivery company of the situation or is this something I need to do ????? A response would be greatly appreciated but from what I have read so far about Corsair I'm not getting my hopes up. To top it all, it's going to cost me around £40 to get a new PSU sent to me even though it's still under a 5 year warranty. First time I have ever had to pay for a product still under warranty. If corsair decided to give me a pre paid postage then I might consider buying Corsair again...
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