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Disappointing Customer Service


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I contacted customer service regarding a 2 month old HX750 that started giving me surges and restarting my PC. On Nov. 22 I was offered a RMA. I contacted Corsair over the phone and supplied a credit card so they would ship the PS replacement immediately and not wait for them to receive the old one.


As of today, Dec. 5, a replacement has not been sent out to me. A shipping label was created yesterday, but that's all.


I simply do not understand why would a manufacturer need 2 weeks in order to send a product out?!? I do not have another power supply to use, if the surging PS damages my motherboard or CPU, who will be liable for that???


Along with the PS i bought a Corsair case, RAM and liquid cooler, after this experience, i doubt I would have done that.

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