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Hey, my front USB's seem to have developed some fault. Firstly my right hand side one would shut my system down if you even attempted to plug a device in but now the system refuses to boot at all if the USB header is plugged into the motherboard.


I've left the USB3 to USB2 adapter plugged into the motherboard to make sure it wasn't my board but this allows me to boot, its as soon as i connect the cable to the front usb panel that it refuses to boot again.


Anyone know how to sort this sort of issue out?



Thanks, Ste.

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also just to check, make sure your BIOS does not have "removable devices" in the boot selection order. i had a few experiences that my external USB storage drive or flash drives have prevented booting when plugged in until i disabled it.

by the same token though having the PC shut down when plugging in a device is no bueno. so follow peanutz advice and make sure removable devices is not on the boot from list.

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