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Hi guys!


First of all, let me tell you that your products are awesome. Since i visited for first time the Corsair's web, I felt in love with some pieces that I actually own.


Ok, lets go to the question(s): I received my RMA numer just this morning, at 2:30 AM (I'm spanish). I'm now searching for a cheap and reliable company that can deliver the piece (a H100i, with a broken green LED), and thats my first question: I think all is correct about the ticket, but I can't be sure. The issue is that the H100i green LED is brokes: it's blinking and going black some times (I wanted a white logo, but now it's pink... a shame for a military-based build :laughing:). I tried updating firmware, changing the profile to a new, reinstaling the software... but nothing worked.

Second question: I only need to deliver the block/pump/tubes/radiator "bulk", isn't it? Not the fans nor the mounting brackets or cables.

Third question (and a stupid one, I think): all that I need when correctly packaged the H100i with "bubbleplastic" and cardboard to minimize movement or impacts, is to put on the box the RMA Return Label, wich has written in it the RMA number, my name and address, and the company's one... true?


Thanks for all... and sorry for my doubts and poor (awful in some cases) english :laughing:



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