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SP2500 power issue, recommend new speakers?


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Hi, I'm new to the forums and hoping someone can help me out! I woke up this morning only to realise that my SP2500 speakers aren't powering on. I've disconnected the lot for over an hour, tried plugging it all back in (including the remote) and there is still no luck getting it to power up. There is power coming from the cord as I can hear normal electrical noise when you plug something into a PSU.


I'm guessing the speakers are faulty. However as I've heard this is a common issue, I'm not really willing to shell out another £200 or so for another pair. These speakers are past their warranty too and the retailer is not accepting repairs/returns for it either.


So my question is, can someone recommend me a decent pair of speakers, much like these SP2500 ones? I'm an absolute audiophile and I just find that no matter what configurations I use, the bass just doesn't seem to travel as far as I expect. I know I'm expecting a lot but if I've got the money to spend, I'm willing to pay out for something that can be loud and audible from other rooms in the house! I've seen YouTube videos where the SP2500 can be heard from outside, yet mine just can't seem to! (I have an ASUS Xonar DX sound card and using a line in cable, not aux as aux seems to be worse when it comes to quality).


Sorry for babbling or if I'm not making any sense (in quite a rush :biggrin:) however hoping I can get some responses! Please don't hesitate to ask questions either if need be.

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