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Corsair SP2500 Problem


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I purchased a set of the Corsair SP2500 speakers on August 9, 2013. I have used them most days since with no issue, however, today I turned on my PC and I get no audio output from them. They are not muted, and the remote is set to Line In. I thought maybe it was a problem with my soundcard, checked all my settings and everything was correct. I power cycled the speakers, double checked they werent muted to no avail. I had a spare RCA to 3.5MM cable so I replaced that to see if it made any difference it didnt. The wired remote has no issues it comes on i can navigate the menus and everything works as it should I just get no audio. I plugged my headphones into the remote device and the headphone light lit up and i have audio out from my headphones with no problem. This is incredibly frustrating as I just recently had to RMA my HX850 power supply with the company in July and my ticket has been sitting in "Processing" with the 50$ I used for the cross ship exchange sitting in limbo for months now. The cost of ownership of these products is becoming difficult as I'm having to pay to ship the defective goods back to the company and if I have to do so with this speaker system it will be very expensive as anyone that has it knows it is extremely heavy.


I've always been a huge Corsair fan and rarely look anywhere else for my products. I'm typing this on a Corsair K90 mechanical keyboard as it were. But this is starting to cause the development of a sour taste in my mouth.


If anyone has any tips or something i may have overlooked i'd appreciate any info.


Frustrated Fan,


Kaldon :[pouts:

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Kaldon, if you need to RMA your unit be sure to ask them for help with shipping charges. Usually it's only 30days that they will provide a pre-paid lable, but this isn't that much past that 30days. I'm willing to bet they would help you out if you explained this to CS
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