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RAM Guy....I'm pretty sure that I have some bad sticks of RAM...


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Hello Ram Guy...My computer consists of the following pieces



CPU P4/2.4AGHz 533M 478P/1MB RTL

DDR Corsair 512MB X2 KIT|VS1GBKIT400

HD 200GB|WD 7200 WD2000JD 8MB


It has worked for just a little over 30 days (I ordered it August 30 from NewEgg) and now I'm getting the "RAM R/W test failed" message.....I, in all honesty, am finding it hard to sort through the labryinth that is this forum, so forgive me if I should have posted this somewhere else....I really just want to get my computer up and running for work again....So I believe that I am to post before I can begin the whole RMA deal...correct?...Anywho....Let me know what to do from this point....


and just for the record...The RAM worked fine this entire time....I, literally, just woke up this morning and it has ceased to work....



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