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AX850 Warranty Sticker Query

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Hello there,


My AX850 which has been happily powering my PC for in excess of 3 years has unfortunately expired. I had noticed recently that after turning the mains power on I was having to wait longer and longer before the PC would power up after the power button was pressed. Finally, with a fizz and a quiet pop it came to the end of its life last night.


'No problem,' I thought, 'There's a 7 year warranty so I'll just ship it off for a replacement.'


However, upon removing the PSU from the case I noticed a potential issue with the warranty sticker.




Now, I can in all honesty state that the PSU was bought new from a reputable vendor, I've never opened the unit or put a screwdriver anywhere near it for that matter. However, I'm not so naive as to believe that a manufacturer will simply take my word for it.


The question is, is it worth my while submitting an RMA request and shipping the unit off for RMA (at an estimated cost of £35+)?


Or, as I suspect will be the case should I just suck it up and buy a new PSU?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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What was the RMA# and was the a metal bracket in the case where this screw was sitting that may have scraped the sticker? I see evidence of ware on the sticker?


Hi there, thanks for the reply.


I've not submitted an RMA request as yet as I was unsure whether it would be worth my while given the state of the sticker and the price of postage to my nearest RMA centre (the Netherlands, I believe).


The PSU has been installed in 2 different cases and I remember the first case I had it in (a Fractal R2) being a bit of a tight squeeze, so it may have been scraped and scratched at that time.


I suppose what I'm really getting at is whether Corsair have any other means of ascertaining whether or not the unit has been tampered with. However, I appreciate they may not wish to share this information.


I may just submit an RMA request anyway and see what transpires.

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