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Online Store. Only available to USA???

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I am finding out that the above subject may be the case. I want to purchase a couple of items that are not available in Australia. I have tried to add my address, but I have no options to enter any details out of the USA. This is frustrating as no where in Australia stock what I am wanting:


CMXTRFINKITRED - Dominator Extended Fins in Red x 2

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I am sorry but it would be best to call our customer service by phone and see what they can do to help you. The toll free Number is listed under contact on the main site and you can call that number using SKYPE for free.
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hey there Ram Guy,

My appologies for my delay in reply.

As for the online shop, there was a major glitch in the shop, I wasn't able to select my country Australia as there was no option for AU. I had to ring support & get my details added manually. I believe for memory that I did go to purchase an item that was not available in Australia what so ever. Yet, the cheapest shipping was over $50 AUD. That made an item's price of $19.99, over $70 AUD.

Now I get even more glitches, telling me that there is no method of shipping. I also get an error message telling me

that Your order cannot be completed at this time as there is no shipping methods available for it. Please make neccessary changes in your shipping address

The rediculous thing is that there is no changes to make, as all my postal details were done manually by Cosair support team member. SO I do not understand why I get this error message.


So, for the cheapest shipping method of over $50 AUD & all the error message glitches I am getting, it is just not worth bothering about trying to buy anything from the on line shop.


I appreciate your time & your reply

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