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Problem with SP2500

Dudley P

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Hi everyone,


Bought a set of sp2500 earlier this week. I have found they are having some kind of distortion coming out of the satellites. Seems to oscillate whenever there is prolonged noise. EG happens with music but generally not with speaking.


used a white noise test from http://www.audiocheck.net/testtones_whitenoise.php


This video is the result of playing the White Noise -6 dBFS Uniform Distribution test on that page. Found this was a consistent way to test it.


Not the best recording but the pulsing sound from the corsairs is the problem, the other speakers have consistent white noise. I have tried it through my pc, tv and music on my phone. I get the same distortion.


Should I get these returned or is there something I am doing wrong?


Also overall the performance of this set has not been that much higher than my previous speakers.


not that it matters as the problem occurs whatever device i am using but the PC is using on-board sound.





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I would recommend getting them exchanged Stefan. The sound quality may not be perceptible with onboard sound as well. I believe, however, that if you use a sound card, the difference with our speakers will be much more noticeable.
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