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CMX4GX3M1A1333C9 problems.


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I'm using one XMS3 4GB 1333mhz stick in MSI 760GM-P21 motherboard and

since the day I built the pc I've been getting a random bsod that happens

like once every week, it's either memory_management, irql not less or equal or page fault in nonpaged area. Also some of the files I download get corrupted like

installers. Usually the bsod happens on the desktop or using a browser, it never happened during gaming.


I tested the ram in both slots using memtest for at least 10 passes and it showed no errors. It passed the windows memory diagnostic too.


The bios is updated to the latest version.


Can someone help me please? :)

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Can you post your BSOD error codes?


What your describing are just generic errors and could point towards just about anything. Usually it's a driver issue somewhere and since your memory passes memtest for 10 passes I would have to think it's related to software somewhere.

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