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RMA woes

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I'm a PC enthusiast and technician; I often times use corsair goodies in my PCs, you guys have some quality PSUs and cases. I would like to stick to using Corsair products if possible. I've had issues with Corsair RAM in the past with having to RMA it. It was nice and speedy. The delivery was a little slow, but I blame that on UPS shipping across the US.


Anyways, on one of my PCs I used a 120gb Corsair force SSD, I loved it... that is until it stopped working. I did the RMA as I should have finally getting the RMA confirmation on 2/18/13. I shipped it out the next day, and its tracking number determined it as delivered on the 25th.


On the RMA status page it still reads that the parts have not yet been received. I also have not gotten any email updates from corsair.


I was hoping that I could either get the reason why this is taking so long and if I could get my replacement in a good amount of time. Its OK if its just that you guys have been busy last week, I totally understand. I just want an update on the status of my product.


My RMA # is 5637214


Thanks and Rock On!



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Thanks RAM GUY, I just got a response from the RMA service, they'll be sending me an alternative replacement that happens to be a newer model because the one I sent in is obsolete. Happy that this is getting resolved. I'll post with any updates.
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