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Vengeance 2000 Stuck?


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Hi I got a Corsair Vengeance 2000 wireless headset and most of the time it works fine.

But this morning "IT" happende again I had used em last night and not plugged them in so today first thing I do is to plug em in the computer put em on and tadaa the amber loading light that normaly is blinking that indiates that its loading is constantly lighted and the same tihng goes for the blue light...

also if I unplud them from the usb wire the amber light is not affected at ll it keeps beeing lighted.


It has happend to me before and will proberly happend again I have "fxed" it by letting it be completly drained of its power and start charging it again then it will be working again, but there must be some other way to fix this? I shouldnt have to wait for a battery to totally die each time?


Anyone with the same problem or that has fixed it?


(sorry for the english its not my ntive language)



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