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AX 860i Weird Phenomena


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Ok i will cut to the chase quickly.Just got a AXi 860 today.Connected everything including link.My motherboard is a Asrock z77 Extreme 4.

The problems are.


I installed the Corsair Link 2.20 software.As soon as i reboot when the system enters windows 7 x64 the light on link starts blinking red-green.

Same happens with all 2x software.

The most annoying thing is that it accesses my hard drive all the time making that crunching noise and prolly hogging sata as well.




Now excluding link problems.

When i disable link all lights are green.

When i run intel burn test wattage shows about 200W output no fan use at all (edit the fan instant boost appeared here once or twice too now).

When i run 3D mark benchmarks (Vantage or 11) sometimes the fan starts to go up at max for a sec then immediatelly stops again.

This is very weird indeed cause my peak wattage use is around 220w tops.1x gigabyte 670 OC, 3770k at 4.6ghz 1.3Vcore.But even if it starts working shouldnt it just start on some minimum lets say 800rpm and stay there?

The annoying thing is that voltage regulation seems outta place too.Using Aida 64 monitoring i have a drop in 12v from 12.034 Volts to 11.825.Thats huge isnt it?|



Should i start DoA procedures or something?


Weird is self check is OK and during bootup all GREEN is a GO.

I could be happy to have a firmware upgrade for my 860i where can i see its firmware version?Thank you in advance any help would be much appreciated

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My temperature reading is 36.5oC FAN doesnt work.Just boosts for milliseconds then stops 0.That happens with Corsair Link Removed too.

And happens also while idling in windows.Is this not a hardware issue?

I suspect the controller responsible for Fan is malfunctioning.

It is quite annoying really in a inaudible system like mine(full waterooled 750 rpm fans) having a fan spinning for no reasons for ms once in a while.Thats the main reason i upgraded my HX 1000 really not to have fan noise especially in such low watt peak

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Just played some Battlefield 3 with fans set to quiet.

This is the log.As you can see there is a fan spinup at the end with no reason.

The problem is i tried fixed 800 rpm and its very quiet compared to that spin up you see in the end of the file.Like the fan instantly goes max rpm then stops :bigeyes:


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@RAMGUY i am attaching a couple of videos.




1st one shows the fan problem

2nd the corsair link issue.

The narration isnt in english unfortunately but u can clearly hear the fans unreasonable instantaneous spinup-shutdown problem and the corsair link problem.The noise is equivalent to more than 1500rpm manual mode.

The fan problem was reproduced while playing a game of Battlefield 3 but happens all the time even when pc is idling in windows desktop whatever wattage use the pc might have gaming ,benching or idling with or without corsair link attached.My room temperature is less than 20oC and psu max temp is 36.5oC as described in corsair link if i read it correctly.

Please i could use some support i believe you have the experience to spot if its a fan controller issue.

The technical division of the store i bought it, informs me that they cant reproduce the issue on their machines with same setup(except motherboard model -maybe different cpu they just used a 4core)

I wouldnt wanna go open a RMA straight to corsair Europe to a brand new product and i believe the store is credible though i cant witness them cause i bought it online and sent it back to them with courier.(they are in other city than the one i live).They also have seen those videos.Ofcourse i dont have any issues with my old hx 1000 model.

i upgraded for silence and efficiency i cant keep a psu that has that kind of behavior.

My PC specs Asrock z77 extreme 4 Intel i7 3770k Gigabyte Gtx 670 OC 1 HDD 3 SSD 4 120mm fans.Idle load about 80W full load 200W

Regards Jim

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