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Another chirping noisy HX 650 psu


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I just replaced a 650HX psu after a few days in my new system due to the constant chirping birdlike noises. The PC shop swapped it with a replacement but it does the exact same thing and drives me bonkers. I disabled all power saving bios features as per sticky but to no avail, and am kind of annoyed that I would be forced to do so in the first place.


I have the psu mounted with the fan drawing air from the bottom of the case and exhausting out the back and the case is extremely well ventilated.


I have to say I'm losing faith in Corsair power supplies. My first one a HX750 died in a year which was replaced by these two 650 models. To have two in a row with the exact same prob is a dealbreaker and if I sound a bit annoyed I'm just frustrated with the whole thing so my apologies, but it's chirping in my ear as we speak!

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