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Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H


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And as I stated before this is a painfully easy mistake that can be made and to be honest I spent a lot a time researching this and why I have been as straight forward as I can both about the issue and how we build our modules. In all fairness to their Tech support if its not something they deal with every day they may not be totally aware. And from Managing a Top MB manufacturers Tech support department previously I can tell you there is a ton of crap they do know well and equally fair a ton of stuff they do not really need to fully understand to do their job. I am sorry but this is one of those things they dont need to fully understand only if its supposed to work or not. And for The MB makers Tech support reply if you read between the lines he is suggesting that you go by what we state on this issue. Simple fact he is not going to have access to a lot of different memory just like we are not going to have access to a lot of different MB's. So I would not put too much into what was stated by them in a negative way.

Food For thought!

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Hi Guys,

H55 is able to support Single Sided 4GB (or 8GB DS), however, you have to install i5 (Gen-1) Processor.

Intel's i3 (Gen-1) processor is not able to support the same. It is able to complete POST in most cases, but later hangs/Junk displays or Restarts; thus i3+H55 max limit is 4GB DS per DIMM socket; i.e. 4GB SS or 8GB DS will work on i5+H55




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