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TX750w bearing beep?


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Hi all,


I've read the sticky and looked at some other threads.


This is the second 1st gen TX750w power supply that was replaced under a previous RMA, so I believe this one is still under warranty as well.


After shutting down my computer last night, it start emitting this noise and the fan would like pulsate, like it was trying to spin but couldn't.


Once turning the power completely off, the noise went away. As soon as I turned the switch back on, the noise came back.


I left the switch off overnight and then turned it on today and have had no issues thus far, but it concerns me a bit.


This is the first time it has done this ever. My machine is about 4 months old and I previously used the same psu in my previous machine before this.


Here is a video/audio of the noise. Adjust your volume accordingly.


Thank you,



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From my email:



"Corsair Technical Support has sent you a message regarding Case #1283336




Dear Valued Corsair Customer,


Thank you for your patience. For your return, please reference RMA #1143364."

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  • Corsair Employees

You did not enter a part number so an RMA was never issued I just entered the part number for you as CP-9020003-NA TX750M is that correct?

And you stated that this was a replacement for you from another RMA but we have no record of another RMA using that email or phone number in this record.

I would strongly suggest you call our customer service by phone to work that out

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  • 1 month later...

Yes, sorry, this has been resolved.


It was strange they couldn't find my information and previous RMA #s. They eventually figured it out after I copied every single corsair email from my gmail archive ever...


So not my best RMA experience from corsair ever, but happy it is resolved.


Thank you RamGuy

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