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A8V Deluxe with 3200LL compatability?


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In a few months I plan to get the Asus A8V deluxe 939 pin board for

athlon 64/FX that uses unbuffered ram.


I have some old ram which has been working perfectly on my ASUS board using 875P chipset. Running 2224.


The part number for this chip:

XMS 3200 v1.1


Two chips identical came as the twin pack 1gig. 1024LL.


Is this ram going to work on the A8V deluxe. Going to get an XP 3500+ for it.

Whats the best timings will I be able to get? Won't be overclocking.

Also this ram was rated originally at 2.70 volts but with the help of ramguy I was able to up it to 2.75 volts so I could get 222. I bought this ram feb of last year and its been running rock solid at 2.75v no problems.


Right now i'm doing research since I never went AMD before.

I rather not have to dump a gig of ram just to go to AMD. As 1 gig is pricey.


Thank you

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