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Asus P6X58D Premium Blue Screening/Crashing with 24 GB


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I just installed some new memory and experienced several blue screening and crashing events. I currently have the following:


Purchased Memory: Corsair Vengeance 24GB CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9


  • 1 Intel i7 990X
  • 3X Nvidia GTX 480 (Water Cooled)
  • 1 Sound Blaster Recon Pro
  • 3 WD 2TB Black HDDs
  • 1 Seagate Momentum 500gb (soon to be ******** SSD on Monday)
  • 1 Koolance 5 1/4 in bay water cooling pump
  • 1 Corsair Hydro CPU Cooler
  • 1 Corsair AX1200 PSU
  • 12GB ******** Reaper Ram 1600MHZ


I bought the 24GB Vengeance Kit from TigerDirect and after installation I received several blue screens. I tried adjusting the memory speed down to 1333MHZ and still blue screened/crashed. I removed 1 module that seemed to fail Memtest and stability improved and I was able to boot but still after awhile BS'd/crashed.


Putting the remaining modules through Memtest at 1600MHZ received SEVERAL errors and putting them down to 1333MHZ they passed.


In some cases, the memory only passed modules between 1GB-12GB and anything above 12GB failed in either setting.


All timing/voltage settings were left to AUTO in the BIOS.


My Computer (Its a work of art thanks to Corsair)

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My original was the ******** Reaper 12GB set and I upgraded to the Corsair Vengeance. I've been testing the sticks now out of the Vengeance 24GB kit I bought and all of them have errors so far. The Vengeance set didn't work so I popped the ******** back in and fired up fine. Then went to Bestbuy bought a totally different Vengeance set that is the same speed and 24GB and they are working stable.


I will say... I thought the Reaper set was fast.. These Vengeance you can sure tell the difference in performance.

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Before you RMA them, set the Dim voltage to 1.655v and your QPI voltage to 1.45v and see if that does not cure it. Even though they are rated for 1.5v some systems may require more voltage.


Memtest can fail because aof alot of things. Incorrect voltage being one of them.

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