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Cold Boot problem with Force GT 240 GB

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I recently purchased a new SSD to replace an existing one of smaller size.


I have noticed random boot up problems, in which the HDD little red light stays lit and then in about 5 seconds I get a message on the screen that says basically "No boot device found.


If I press the power button the computer then seems to boot, and run just fine.


I have not had any problems while the computer is running once it boots up.


After about a week of this happening, I have upgraded the bios and everything else I can find to upgrade.


I am using a "Gateway NV53" notebook with AMD processor and chipset.


There does not appear to be any quickboot option in "BIOS". There was a "Quiet Boot" option which I turned off but it really did nothing to help.


I saw that you can enable a "BIOS" password, and enable it on bootup.


I enabled it.


This seems to slow the process down, but I am not sure this will really fix anything long term.


I think it probably should not be necessary if I can fix the real problem somehow.


I am curious if there is some way to slow the process down just a little bit so the "Force GT SSD" gets found and boots?


I dont think the drive is defective, I think it is some "Boot up" issue.


I have had 2 other "SSD" drives in this machine, and this is the first one with this particular issue.


Thanks in advance for any information you care to share.

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