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M90 Won't let me use any other buttons in game.


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I haven't had any problems with this mouse but when I play a game, it does not allow me to bind buttons 9-15 to any in-game actions.


Please tell me there's a way/trick to fix this.


I'd very much like to use all the other buttons in game, and i'm not talking about macros. Just normal buttons.


Thank you.

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I had the same issue. LOTRO wasn't recognising all the buttons on the mouse. You have to use the software to bind a key press to the mouse button and then set that key press to the action you want in game.


Hope that makes sense

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You get mouse buttons 1-15 to set up any way you would like.


Can you give me an example of a button and what you are trying to set?


Well, I'd like to have them as Mouse Button 1, Mouse Button 2, Mouse Button 3, etc, Until 15.


That way I get 15 Mouse buttons to do with what I please.


I do not want to have to set Keyboard 1-9 on my mouse, because I will need to use those for different functions then Mouse buttons 1-9.


Please tell me that is possible with the software.

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I'm no expert but I think there are only a set number of mouse buttons windows/games recognise, so you will have to bind some keyboard presses to the mouse buttons. I think this is they way most multiple button mice work.


What game are you trying to set the mouse up for? Most MMO's have keyboard short cuts for quick slots and menus.


As long as the game accepts it; you can you the Alt, Shift and Ctrl as modifiers, so for instance you could set Alt+1 to the action you want in game and then bind Alt+1 to the desired mouse button using the software.


Make sure you are using the mouse in hardware mode as this caused a lot of the issues I was having to go away. Just make sure you save the profile to the mouses onboard memory. It does seem a little unintuitive initially but once you get your head around it you can set-up some pretty impressive macros. There's a great sticky at the top of this forum about using the mouse in hardware mode.


On another note, slightly off topic, don't play around with the DPI setting just yet as that seems to brick the mouse and you will have to flash the firmware to getting it working again. RAMGUY has stated they are working on an update to the firmware but we are waiting on a release date. Please don't let us down!!!!

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