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M90 - I just can't seem to get those extra buttons to work...


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So, I've read the User Guide, and I've googled for an entire evening, but i'm really not anywhere near reaching a conclusion on this matter.


Really, all I really want is my mouse buttons working as Mouse 1, Mouse 2, Mouse 3... and so on, up to 15, so I can map them ingame. However, I'm getting the feeling that setup isn't possible. All I seem to be able to do, is to have the extra buttons on the side act as shortcuts for ridiculous things like "Launch Program", "Launch Explorer" (which I btw don't even use...), "Lock PC" and/or similair things that are (quite frankly) worthless, especially in terms of having shortcuts to on the mouse.


Am I doing something wrong, or missing something that's actually right before my eyes?


Thanks in advance.

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Make sure you are using software version 2.12 for the M90.


When you are setting up the buttons in game you will need to record a macro. For example if you are playing BF3 and you want to have button 8 to pull out your primary weapon. You will need to record a macro using keyboard key stroke "1". After you create the macro you need to go to the manage profile screen and click on the LED light. Then Save to M90. Also make sure you have hardware mode selected.

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You mean the 2.12 BETA software, right...? Thanks, but no thanks; it is my belief that a customer who pays full price for a product, shouldn't have to additionally do the manufacturer's work for them.


I very much appreciate the informative response though. However, I'm not interested in replacing already existing keys, but rather making use of ten extra ones.


I'll check back once in a while, and wait for an official software update.


Thanks, and cheers! :)

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