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Win 7 not recognizing all my Corsair memory


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Hi ive purchased a memory upgrade for my computer but the old memory is not working with the new memory. Windows 7 only detects 12GB out of the 18GB thats installed. The memory I already had installed is Corsair XMS 3X2GB DDR3 Triple Channel 6GB. The memory im trying to upgrade with is Corsair Dominator 3X4GB DDR3 Triple Channel 12GB.


P.S Any help is appreciated, I have never set timings on my Bios.

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Hi Blaircroft,

First make sure you have the latest BIOS for your MB. If not flash to the latest version.


You may want to take a look here too http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=82274 and follow the troubleshooting steps outlined there . More often than not it is something simple or a minor voltage tweak. If you need assistance as to which ones just post back . :)


As Wired stated it's never recommended to mix memory. Even two kits of the same exact part number can cause lots of trouble and headaches. Try each kit on it's own to be sure they are both being detected correctly. Manufacturers will tell you what kits are qualified , but what they dont tell you is that that list is meant to be read as one kit per MB.


Personally if the 12 gig kit is fine all by itself i would stick with just that kit. Or if you are really adamant about having that much memory or need that much return your new kit and purchase a matched 24 gig kit.


And lastly, what version of windows? Some lesser versions have a memory cap on them that will limit the amount of memory you can use.

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