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New comp, ofc problem.


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Hi, I recently putted my computer together and ive been having nothing but trouble zzzz.


The build




Sapphire 7970 3GB

Asus P8Z68-V pro gen3.

H40 cooling.


Ive been searching for problems for 2 days now.

and im still not sure what is causing the problems.


First of all I found out that the motherboard was " coil whining " because the sound were still there after I removed the GPU

That leaves the motherboard and PSU.


So I found that you could try to turn of C-state. yes it worked. but Should I just live with it? or RMA? and im not sure if it could be the PSU causing all the trouble or NOT? or is it all the parts together?


Problem2: The graphics card still makes a buzzing sound and coilwhine.

The buzzing sounds come from full load and when the fps is over 1000 it starts to whine.


I havnt heard any strange sounds from the PSU. but obviously something is fishy. Should I just RMA everything? hehe.


What do you guys think?


Also. Is it somehow bad for your cpu/motherboard to run without c-state features? My guess is that's it not.

However. Iam pretty much a perfectionist. which makes this kind of stuff hard. I hate when stuff doesnt work as it's intended to :(



Edit: It's so sad. the computer is so quiet until you enter a game or benchmark ^^

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  • Corsair Employees

It is not uncommon for high power devices like the PSU or graphics cards to make noises like this, so no I would not RMA anything at this point especially if you can change a setting in the BIOS and that helps with the noise. I would expect this to improve as drivers and BIOS/Firmware improves or matures.


I would check with the Graphics card maker and see if they have a solution and or update that might address these concerns.

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