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Corsair SP2200 Speakers defective static


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I bought my SP2200 today at NCIX i had high hopes for this speaker set, when i finished installing them to my PC i notice they were very static and emitted a lot of scratchy noises.

After researching online i found this to be a common problem.

Any solutions for this? These are brand new i have made sure no interference whatsoever to the speakers (other cables phone etc), i have also cleaned the cable jacks with pressurized air.


Extreme annoying to listen to music and have scratchy static noises every 10 seconds or so.


I will be returning this to NCIX tomorrow, very annoyed as i drove across the city to pick up this speaker set.

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So i returned my old ones to NCIX and got a new set. SAME thing, is it my PC? my old speakers work fine and my brothers as well...


Oh and to RAM Guy its both speakers i get static and scratchy noise when listening to anything


Edit : Oh and this new set emits a high pitch low volume humming sound when on, also very annoying.

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I had a similar problem my speakers. The source was the power supply emitting high frequency noise, making it impossible to hear music. I was issued a RMA, I asked many times just to send me a new power supply, nope, they wanted the entire product back. They paid for shipping which was okay, but now they informed me, the speakers are out of stock and they offer similiar prices products or a refund. Neither is good enough as I am without speakers, when a new power supply would have fixed the problem!


Any one else have this problem.

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