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HX750 12V rail


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I recently assembled my system and now I get sometimes (2-3x week) a popup that says "12V Rail is low 9,5 V" (only during gaming).


My specs

Asus M5A99 X Evo

corsair XMS3 1333 4GB

Corsair HX750

HIS HD6870 Ice Q Turbo

Phenom II X4 965 BE


Anybody an idea what this could be?

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Not possible.


If you had 9,5V on 12V, your PC wouldn't work at all.

Tell the software that pops that up to shut up and never believe software voltage readings.


If you suspect voltage problems, use volt meter or multimeter to get a correct measurement.

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If you are running multiple hardware monitoring programs at the same time, that can cause one of the programs to receive bad data, which could trigger an alarm. In my experience, the monitoring software provided by the hardware manufacture, usually a mother board, is the type most likely to get or incorrectly interpret data, which causes the alarm.


As wlw said, a drop to 9.5V on the 12V rail would cause the PC to stop working.

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The trick is to find the monitoring utility or the version of the utility that is capable of correctly reading the particular type(s) of sensors incorporated on your motherboard. Frequently with the newest generation boards a software patch hasn't been written for the utility to correctly identify the sensors. Sometimes with the older boards a patch was never written. I've seen Speedfan values that would sear flesh but are stone cold to the touch and voltages near zero reading some motherboard's sensors.
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