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Problems with new TX650M


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I just recently bought a TX650M to upgrade my HP (HPE-170f). Whenever I turn the PC on the fans start up, nothing on the monitor, then the computer boots down and restarts but still does nothing. I'm thinking it might be a motherboard or cpu issue.


I've tried uninstalling the new psu and replugging everything back into to make sure everything was connected. I've also tried putting the old psu back in to make sure the PC boots with the old and it does. I've left the harddrive and DVD unplugged, still no post. Here are the specs for my PC:



HP Pegatron IPMTB-TK Intel X58 SLI i7 Xeon 1366 mATX




Intel Core i7-920


PC Specs:



Thanks for any help

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Not until this weekend, need the time to head over to a friends house.


The thing is, this is the 2nd PSU (same brand, same model) that I've put into the PC. The first one I returned. Unless, I'm incredibly unlucky and bought 2 bad PSUs...I'm starting to think it's something else. I may head over and buy another brand tomorrow and put that in, but I"d hate to do that.

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Hey. I'm curious about this issue. I also purchased a TX650M to upgrade my HP (e9180t). I have the Pegatron IPMTB-TK motherboard and the i7-920 CPU. The behavior is very similar to what you reported - fans start up, nothing on the monitor, slight HD noise, and then it shuts down. I reinstalled my old PSU (the 460W that came with the machine) and everything works fine. FYI, I ran the paperclip test on the PSU and the fan powered up fine.


What was your resolution?

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I am sorry but that would suggest these systems may be using a different ATX specification especially if the OEM PSU that came with your system works.

I am sorry but there is not a lot we can do with this, I would see if you can return the PSU and look for another option from the OEM.

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