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HX850w 8pin 12v CPU modular power adapter?


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I recently upgraded my computer to an Asrock extreme9 with a 3930k. The asrock extreme9 utilizes 2 8pin CPU power connectors. From what I have read(still unable to confirm someone has done this), it will run with just one of them hooked up, but I will not be able to overclock.


All of my specs are in my profile, but I wanted to know, is there a modular adapter available for the second 8pin CPU power connector? If not, could you direct me to an approved solution for a molex adapter?


Lastly, I noticed you release an all white individually wrapped solution for replacing all the modular connectors and that it includes an 8pin 12v CPU connector in that bundle, is that sold stand alone? I have already purchased sleeved connectors for all of the power cords that will show in my 600t, and just need the one extra 8pin.



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Akasa makes one,



and there are Y-connectors as well, but I don't actually see any sense in it from electrical point of view



And holy cow how are you gonna fit all those radiators in a 600T?

I guess 3x120mm RAD will fit on the top if you cut a hole extending the existing mesh towards the front of the case, but another 2x120mm? Vertically behind 5,25" and HDD slots?

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