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H60 Pump noise equals return


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I finally got into water cooling which I was told is dead quiet and the best cooling you can get and much better than air cooling. Well my system was already dead quiet with air cooling and great temps. I wanted to get the H60 to free some space up and make my case a little cooler looking. Well it did keep my temps well, but the noise coming from the H60 RAD or pump was louder than any 120mm air cooled system I have worked on. I used my scythe sflex 800 rpm fan on the RAD and while that was dead quiet all I could hear was the pump hum hum hum etc. It was by far the loudest thing in my system the pump is louder than the fan on it which is not good. I tried positioning the hoses both ways, top facing or bottom facing made no difference. I must say for my first attempt at water cooling I was not impressed. My air cooled system cooled just as well and was quieter. So the H60 is going back to amazon and I will continue to use the tried and true air cooling. I really really want to stick with the H60 it does look really cool in your system, but I am more weary of noise.
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