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Noise from microphone - Corsair HS1 USB


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Hey, i got Corsair HS1 USB headset for Holidays but it seems like the microphone is making constant static noise. Is it suppose to do that?


It sounds like this, if anyone is suppose to hear me in-game.

The microphone level is set to 80. Here is a wma file recorded in Windows 7 with "Sound Recorder."



- The drivers are installed.

- It is connected directly to my computer (no usb hubs).

- It is using the latest drivers from corsair's own website.


I get the same noise, on several usb ports.

In comparison with my usb webcam, there is no static noise(what you hear is rain, and my computer)



Would really love some fast support on this, because im starting to loose hope in Corsair products really.

After several problems with Force GT 120GB SSD for many months(solved now), and now this headset :(

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