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AX850 Gold Static Noise


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I just bought an AX850 Gold (rev A1W) and it makes a loud static noise when CPU is under load, even with one core at 100% (tested with PRIME95).


I've already red all the AX850 related posts and posted here without response :(


I've tried disabling C1E and IEST as suggested but the noise persists.


The MB and GPU bioses are up to date.


So I have some questions:

  • is there something else that can I try before RMA it?
  • is the rev A1W affected by some particular problem?
  • to directly RMA it, do I have to send it to California? (I'm in Italy)
  • if i do an RMA through the dealer (nexths.it), can I ask if they have any replacement of a different rev (if there is another rev)?



Thank you.



I apologize for my bad english.

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I have tried disabling all the CPU optimization and options



Sadly the noise persist in either the configurations, even with less than 100% cpu utilization.


The voltages seems to be fine






  • Tried another power cord and another grounded outlet, nothing changes.
  • Another PSU (VX550W) never gave me problems for years, neither when used in this
    new PC (with only one GPU for obvious reasons)

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