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SSD not showing up in BIOS or Device Manager


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So I bought the Corsair Force 3 120gb SSD back at the end of September to upgrade my Laptop which is a Sony Vaio. Upgrade went smoothly and the SSD was working normal. Had few BSoD's in between but all seemed normal. Yesterday however, I turn my Laptop on and I first thing I get a Boot 0xc000098 error. So must be a problem with a MBR, looked for tutorials on how to do this fix, found couple suggesting CMD DiskPart fix. Tried doing that and its not even displaying the SSD only my secondary hard drive, installed Windows 7 on the hard drive and checked in disk management to see if it showed and nothing. I left it at that and decided to try the SSD out on my computer see if it gets picked up and its the same story, the SSD doesn't get picked up.


Not sure whats gone wrong here, the SSD just suddenly failed to work? I filled out an RMA but I want to discuss with some of you aswell and see what the root of the problem may be. Using an SSD really makes a difference and this is the only main issue i've ever come across.


*EDIT* Just read a thread on issues relating models #1124 and later, my version is 1135 so definitely a later version.

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