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TX850, two problems even after RMAing once


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some background info: i threw together this set-up back around April 2011. for maybe the first week or so everything was fine with the TX850 but eventually this propeller-like sound started creeping up. first few days it was subtle and only lasted for a few seconds every now and then. afterwards it became very audible and lasts for as long as the program in question is open.


the sound is very similar to the start of this video:


opening up the case and putting an ear to things, the sound seems to come from the PSU. it's not coming from the CPU or heatsink. (btw the heatsink is a ******** CNP9900)


some observations:


idle desktop does not trigger the sound although occasionally the sound will pop up for a second or two when launching programs or something like that.


turning on Furmark and stress testing video cards does not trigger the sound even if GPU usage is at 99%.


turning on prime95 and stress testing the CPU will definitely trigger the sound.


3D games will trigger the sound, especially high-graphic beasts such as Metro 2033 or Battlefield 3.


i RMA'd it once to Corsair and received a replacement. when i popped it in, the sound was gone. but eventually it appeared again after several days. (not sure of the timeframe)


i've disabled all intel speedstep technology and ASUS's EPU feature and it still happens.


anyway that's the first problem.


the second problem is that very recently the PC has been shutting down, whether i'm in a game or simply using a web browser. it'll completely shut down (as opposed to restarting or bluescreen, all the power goes out) and then it will attempt to turn itself on again but will only last 1 or 2 seconds before shutting down again and trying again. sometimes it will reboot right back quickly, sometimes it will just keep looping and shutting down before i can even see the post screen.


i've tried disconnecting and reconnecting all the power cables from the components and reconnecting the power cord. as a side note, yes the PSU is plugged into a surge protector and no it hasn't been thundering recently.


what are the chances of Corsair sending me a completely different power supply of similar strength rather than yet another replacement which will no doubt have the same issues with my system in particular (as i realize the TX850 has been a generally well received power supply)?


edit: huh? the name of other companies/brands are censored? that's a bit extreme isn't it?

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i'm sorry but i'm not going to waste time and money getting a third TX850 that's going to end up having the same problems the past two have had. two times is enough. just wondering if Corsair would somehow make an exception and replace the TX850 with a different model or line, with similar wattage. i was thinking perhaps there is something wrong particularly with the TX850 that disagrees with the rest of my system.
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