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Seriously FED UP with Corsair GTR 32GB... Need Help!


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I'm a business user who ordered over 15 of these flash drives in the past. I have been sending them back for repair repeatedly due to how poorly designed this product is. They fail every week and it seems like I'm already out a bunch of money on shipping. I have lots of RMA's to prove this. Some I just threw away because I don't want anymore losses due to Voyager GTR's. I now barely save anything on them because I know in a week I will lose all my data. Please help me out, I'm done with the Flash Voyager 32GB drives. I have two current pending RMA's


RMA #2445205

RMA #2455426


Please let me know what I can do. I do not want anymore of these low quality drives back. No matter if they are new or refurb they all have the same issue. Blue light of death after a week of use. The drives are always used in an office environment.


Corsair, tell me what to do.

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Thank you for the response but you completely ignored each and every one of my concerns. I have another bad drive in my desk ready to be sent back to corsair thus the second rma. I haven't shipped it yet because I wanted to hear your response. I guess I will be contacting your main offices to see what they can do. I'm sick and tired of these garbage flash drives that cost my business over $1000. I guess I will just have to stop ordering corsair. There is a known defect with this drive and you know it, I don't know why your company does not admit to it and trade them in for models that actually work. What am I supposed to do with this refurb you sent me, you and I both know it cannot be trusted.
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