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Is Your 600T This Noisy?


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I recently bought a 600T. Reviewers say it runs "near silent" but I consider mine to be very noisy. Sometimes vibration adds to the fan noise and makes it unbearable.


This evening I downloaded the iPhone app called Decibels to do a simple noise test. With nothing else in the room emitting any noise, I held the phone about 12 inches away from the tower with the mic pointing towards the case. Noise levels were around 55-58 decibels, depending on where I held the phone.


Anyone else done a similar test? I'd be interested in your results.


A reviewer on another site came up with a result of 32 decibels, but didn't give any indication of what they had used to do the sound test, or what method. Here is a link to the review:




I have contacted Corsair about the problem, and they want me to return it and they will send me another. However, I am currently refusing to do that because this is a production machine that can't be down for that length of time. I have deadlines to meet. My computer is not a toy. I'm trying to get them to send me the replacement first and then I will swap it out and send this one back. If they refuse, I will probably just buy another case from Amazon and return this to Amazon (really appreciate their return policy).

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Thanks RAM GUY. Can you confirm that it is not normal for a 600T to be this noisy? I'm currently trying to decide whether to just send this unit back to Amazon and go with a totally different case, maybe a Silverstone FT02.


I've read a lot of reviews across the internet and various forums saying that this is a noisy case, the fans are sub-standard, and the layout of the front grill/fan setup is a design flaw--a recipe for extra noise.


On one forum, a user called Redbeard, listed as an official Corsair rep, said that the company had received complaints about low speed fans, an inferior fan controller, etc. and that these had been addressed in the new white model.


I really wish that I had taken more time to research these things before I bought the case instead of going solely on one person's recommendation.

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I would have to say that is not normal, I have the 600T at my work station and it is quiet 100% I only barley hear the fans running on the low setting, now if if I turn it all the way it is louder but it is not so loud it is annoying.
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