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Rampage III Extreme + Corsair Dominator GT


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I'm experiencing a problem with my latest addition to my hardware stack..


Dominator GT TR3X6G2000C8GT ver2.1 (8-8-8-24) on ASUS Rampage III Extreme ..


It will register 6gb as long as the RAM is kept under 1600mhz, but above it throws off 1 of the sticks ..


I cycled through the compatibility list, and did not find my memory on the list, sadly ... So I decided to look the other way around... But couldn't find the memory in that list either ... So to me, it's not not compatible, it's just too old to even list anymore ..


Are there any special tricks to getting the last few gb's rekognized when clocking to more than 1600mhz?


FYI - I have another corsair set, dominators, which registers just fine even above 2000mhz - also ******** ripjaws work flawlessly at those speeds


*EDIT* Forgot to mention. .. The RAM works at rated speeds in another motherboard just fine


Thanks in advance for your time





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