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Shuttle SN85G4V2 and Corsair Value Select


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I am building a PC for my brother as a graduation present and I am having trouble on finding compatible memory. I would like to purchase a Gig of RAM for this little powerhouse and I am trying to figure out if the RAM I selected would work properly. I am not able to afford anything in the XMS series though... as much as I would like to... my budget prohibits me from spending a great deal on memory... Would the Corsair Value Select (Model# VS512MB400C3)x2, Corsair Value Select (Model# VS1GBKIT400C3), or the Corsair Value Select (Model# VS1GBKIT400) work in the Shuttle? I will not be trying to overclock it or anything, I just need it stable and ready for work. Thank you for your time. - James "Clay" - Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness...
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