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Submitting an RMA in Australia


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I have a Corsair Force 120Gb SSD that I purchased brand new from a reseller in Australia.


I left the computer to come back to find it in DOS, I think Windows may have entered sleep or hibernate.


The SSD cannot be detected by the BIOS, and slows down the boot up process, it hangs a little when the SSD is connected.


I want to submit an RMA to have the drive replaced.


Can I send it to a Corsair place in Australia to have this done?


I would rather do that, than to send it overseas to save on postage costs.


If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate.


I've purchased a Corsair Force GT 120Gb SSD 1.3.3. to replace my "dead SSD", this drive performs beautifully.



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