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Why I WILL be ordering Corsair products again.


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Update 7/24/2012:


H100 - Never received one without a problem. They were either warped, physically damaged, or had the pump noise. Emails went unreturned until I was finally fed up and bought another one off of Amazon.The only solution in the end for me (as they stopped responding to my RMA requests) was to take the best looking one that I could actually install and buy an inline fan controller to remove the noise. The cooling on this particular unit is pretty poor, nowhere near the benchmarks I had seen before ordering. Would not buy again.


K90 - Everything I would want in a keyboard. It's a mechanical g15. That said the software/firmware is only catching up to the g15 now. That's 7 months after I picked it up. Now that the software can do most of what the g15 can do... it no longer works during boot. That means no access to the bios, no way to navigate boot menu's or install disks. We were told that we should ask the MB manufacturer to fix it initially, stating that its a compatibility issue. Even though the keyboard worked fine the previous 7 months. Now they seem to be looking into it, but with their development time on the last version of the software I'd feel lucky to see it by Christmas. The enter key no longer works correctly either and act as if there is a short in the signal. Key presses often press twice or not at all. The mute button on my unit (something I may have pressed 3 times since I received it) already appears to be breaking. Obviously I wouldn't buy this again either. You don't pay 100+ for a keyboard for it to these problems.


Customer service was initially great. RAMGUY helped receive the initial replacement items quickly and was understanding on the phone. Then I lost contact with him and it all went downhill from there. When I asked for the assistance of RAMGUY again I was turned to their customer service department.


Most of the RMA items came back fine. I received the missing pieces of my case, my PSU wasn't whining, and my SSD was in one peice. I had to go through seven H100's to get one that was "usable" and in the end I'm probably out $350+ on it, and still only get so so performance. Far less than I should . My keyboard is now dying as well.


Having bought corsair memory for basic every project/purpose I know that they can definitely to something right. I've never had it fail. That said, the quality of their other hardware and peripherals is horrible. To think that I've spent so much to have to replace everything but the memory in this machine is hard to believe. I can't see myself buying from them again until they start taking their quality seriously.




Corsair Force GT 3 120gb ssd x 2 - 1 of 2 arrived with a broken data plug.

Corsair ax 1200 PSU - Fan makes terrible whining noise.

Corsair 500r Case - Shipped without fan screws.

Corsair h100 Cooler - First one arrived with the radiator so warped I could not attach the mounting hardware or fans. The returned unit is nearly as bad and had to be forced in.


The only thing I've bought from Corsair that has worked is memory. I was planning to pick up the new Vengeance peripheral set to go with my new pc. With this kind of quality control though I just don't see it being worth the hassle. I've had to RMA 3/4 items with Newegg and put in another here to try to get the fan screws sent out to me. (waiting like everyone else)


If the PSU didn't whine, if the ssd's arrived intact, if the 500r came complete, if the h100 was drilled correctly... I'd love it all.


But so far Corsair has provided nothing more than headaches.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for the delay here. I haven't had the time to replace the parts until now. I'm happy to say the fit on the h100 was seemingly perfect, and the whine from the PSU has been completely eliminated.


However I've ran into another issue. The h100 I received is making a grinding noise at the pump after tilting my computer on to its side while installing a fan controller. The one I replaced was nearly silent while running. The noise it emits is loud enough to hear over my fans. :( I've isolated the problem to the pump and have not resolved the issue after attempting the troubleshooting tips recommended in the related thread.


Aside from that I'm quite happy with the level of service provided thus far.


Force GT 3 120gb ssd x 2 - Sata connection seats properly.

AX1200 - No more "coil whine"/"mosquito noise".

Carbide 500r - Fan screws finally came.

Vengeance 4x4@1600 - Flawless.

Vengeance 1500 - Love.

Vengeance K90 keyboard - If it ever gets here.


All working properly with all equipment now.


The H100 is the only remaining issue.

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So I received the new unit today. It has the same warping issue as the original one I RMA'ed to newegg. I've taken pictures and video to confirm the issue and uploaded a few of them below.





Will I'm happy I received a new one you can obviously see an example of how warped they are. These were taken directly out of the box on a brand new unit. And I've experienced this issue on 3/4 units thus far.


Moving to a new office I seem to have misplaced your contact info. My number is attached to the previous RMA and I'd like to hear from you if possible. I'm available anytime tomorrow. Thanks.

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  • Corsair Employees

You are welcome to call in and ask for me the number is listed under contact on the main site then just choose Tech support. I will forward this to the Cooling Product manager and see if there is any thing we can improve on the manufacturing side.


Also can you provide the Lot code on the unit it will be a label on the side of the cold plate or on the package. And it will be a seven digit number starting with 11

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Lot# 11419403


What would you like me to do on my side. I have UPS coming Monday and can get 2 of them and the PSU shipped off that way. (I also lost the "attn to" you wanted). Still. I'd like to stick with the h100, I just can't afford the down time to send the third unit back until I get it replaced.

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There is no reason to replace the unit just for this issue. Only if you cannot mount it or the fans will not line up. But let me know I can ask customer service to see what can be done.


That is exactly it though. The mounting points do not line up. It cannot be installed.


Unit 1: Warped in the same fashion as the above pictures. Holes do not align with holes in 500r. (which are correct). Could not install.

Unit 2: Same issue, slightly less than above. By Installing each fan mounting screw through the 500r without a fan, while holding the radiator up, I was able to get it installed. With fans it took a lot of prying to get the holes to meet up.

Unit 3: Installed perfectly. Now makes grinding noise audible above all of my case fans running at once. Followed troubleshooting in the related thread. Was not fixed.

Unit 4: Warped again as shown above. Cannot be installed.


I have UPS coming within the hour for pickups. I need to know what you'd like me to do in order to get a proper cooler.

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