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I rma'd some corsair memory a few weeks ago as one of the sticks failed in a PC i was using.


I recieved my replacement memory and installed it ok and it has run a few days without issue.

Now one stick has failed again. I can not boot with 2 sticks...only one of them works. It is possible the problem could have been with the motherboard memory slot causing the memory to fail but I have no proof of this.


My question is....Can i rma the memory again as it has the lifetime warrenty....or would you now say that it is a motherboard issue.


The motherboard is a abit ip35 pro btw.


thanks in advance.

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You posted on the weekend and Corsair's not open on the weekend. Also, they've only opened for the day about 15 minutes ago, so it'll be a while until they respond. You can always fill out the RMA form directly on the left.


As for if it's a stick versus a slot, test one stick at a time in the same slot using Memtest86+ v4.20.

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Corsair have agreed for me to rma the memory....The board has been tested at a shop and found to be ok,


The RMA instructions say to send the memory to the USA. When I rma'd the memory the first time I had to send it to Holland.


Can anyone from corsair explain why It has to go to the USA this time. It will soon have cost me more to send it back than it would have to buy new memory. Shouldnt Corsair actually pay for postage in this case as the replacement memory was faulty?


Can any one from Corsair actually reply to this post please, as so far no one has replied in the 5 days since I started it.



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