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H80 gurgling/grinding noise


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I recently purchased my Corsair H80 and 6 days later im starting to notice a lovely new sound being emitted.


On bootup, the H80 goes through its usual test of high fan RPM but upon returning to normal the cooling block itself makes a 'gurgling/grinding noise. People over the forums have compaired it to the sound of a hard drive under load.


The only fix for this 'girgling' noise is to turn off the computer and turn it back on. Today I booted the machine up, girgling noise was present, so I had to shut down and boot up 5 times before the noise went away and the H80 went back to normal sounds.


To my understanding, this may be air stuck inside the coolant. I'm curious to know if this is usual for the H80 and not one to be too concerned over. Or should this 'never' happen.






It appears that if I tilt the computer to its side, the gurgling noise appears. When I tilt the machine back the other way the noise disappears, although not entirely, it certainly is greatly reduced. Is this still normal? Should I still hear a faint 'gurgling' noise in the background???



Its definately the tubes on the H80 unit, If i were to slightly life them or tap it upwards, the gurgiling noise becomes much louder and can only be fixed by titiling the unit downwards. I imagine its trapped air? It just seems abit strange given this had never occured before...Any ideas? Is this a fault?



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I would just let the system run for a couple more days and the trapped air will eventually gets released. Tilting the case back and forth will help to speed up the process. I would also keep an eye on your CPU temp, make sure it is within reasonable range.
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