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ax850 noise and missing cable


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I recently bought an h80 alongside with a ax850 psu for my new build


H80 is working ok and im very pleased about it.


On the other hand i have 2 problems with my psu


a) Whenever im in game or even on dekstop there is a weird noise (like an old modem try to sync with the line ...you know what i mean a 56k one..) coming from the psu ...its getting to my nerves cause i have the pc right next on the desk.


I have found a similar youtube video (noise is almost the same)


(this ISNT my pc just for reference).


I have tried everything from your sticky (eist/speedstep etc) on or off doesnt matter. Overclocked or not its the same.


Tried different wall outlets still the same. Tried different pc still the same. Tried even to get the psu off the case (just to be sure) still the same. Last but not least tried other cable but no luck.


Problem is still there and its driving me nuts. The psu seems to be working fine but if i need to do anything with my pc i have to wear a headset and listen to some music or something else so i cant hear that irritating noise.


My previous psu was dead quiet and it was a 1k watt one.


b) There is one cable missing from the pouch (the psu was in a sealed box so it must from the factory) and in particular the pci-ex ...i cant do crossfire without it.


My retailers cant exchange it since its been over the exchange period (i didnt buid the pc right away...psu was bought in late september...can post exact date from receipt if you want) and as far as i know i need specific corsair cables for pci-x.


Please tell me what are my options since i really like how small and compact+ energy efficient is the psu and i wouldnt like to change it but the noise is killing me (and probably killing a kitty every time i power up my pc)


Best Regards from Greece.


(ps sorry for my english there not my native language)

(ps2 im from Athens Greece...hope this forum is for international queries)

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I have just replaced the AX650, which blew up, with AX850, in fact I have two of them.

One of them did not want to start, just the fan moved a few times and that's it. I checked with a psu tester the motherboard cable, and only the 5v green light on, I thought that it was faulty. I reconnected it and started to work. Ever since no issues at all, it runs perfect, no noise at all, very, very quiet.

Try to replace/change it. The Corsair RMA here in Europe is a nightmare. If you pick a good one, you will not be sorry.

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