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Force 3 90GB problem/freezing


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I have Force 3 SSD drive that I bought last 2 weeks ago. It was working fine until today. I noticed that my browser keeps freezing time to time, especially when I try to view pictures. I restarted it and when I started using my PC, it was a bit lagging when I tried to open programs. I tried to browse internet and my browser froze again and then I noticed that my HDD light (in case) blinking like HDD is doing some work but it isn't doing anything, nothing is running.


I restarted my pc again and just let it sit and saw that HDD lights keeps blinking for past hour. I decided to upgrade firmware to 1.3.3, and it still does the same thing, and I noticed in AS SSD and ATTO tests the write speed decreased by a lot.


Can anyone help me to figure out what's going on? Is my SSD failing?



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