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Sorry Guys. My SSD dramas turned out to be a completely different issue. Hopefully. :biggrin:


I was having nothing but trouble. Even with a secure erase & a clean install of Windows 7 my system would refuse to boot into windows after installing drivers. I've been at it for over 12 hours now.


After a bit of a google I found an answer. Someone reckons that the catalyst drivers install their own raid driver messing with the board. He said to load the driver only.


Although the drivers have never given me grief on my raptors (until today) I tried just that after doing another secure erase & install.


IT WORKED. Windows now loads straight up.


Hopefully I've seen the back end of anymore trouble.


So if you have raid, use catalyst, give it a go.

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Yes turn off the driver in device manager.


What a headache. I may have solved it.


Here I am trying whatever to get things running & hours later I noticed that none of my monitor drivers were installed.


Going into 'screen resolution' it showed only one monitor installed with a generic plug & play driver. No matter what I did I could not get the system to reconize my monitors.


After seeing that I did another fresh install. Still no driver for the monitors. Going back & forth to safe mode disabling, uninstalling drivers, nothing worked.


At this stage the video driver is enabled & I boot back to normal windows. It sits at the background screen of windows with only the mouse showing. I right click then try 'screen resolution'. To my shock it opened. Bigger shock still was that both monitors were now showing up.


Rebooted & windows opened with no issues.


Problem now is that I installed Mozbackup to get my firefox settings up & running & find that it refuses to open. DAMN! Firefox installed OK.


Ah well one down. :D

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So you waited a whole 3 hours to determine this to be a success? My issue happened about 100 hours ofter heavy use. I think you might be misleading yourself and everyone else out there.


No, it was 3 hours until he had an issue. Then he installed monitor drivers and has been ok since, and that was < 24 hours ago.

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Tried Mozbackup a couple of times since installing & no go. Today I tried again & it worked. Totally baffled.


Only issue I seem to have now is that every now & then windows explorer will stop working. If I click the box to restart it away it goes again. At least there is no rebooting or down time. Seems to happen when I move things around in windows explorer.


The system will bsod if I ignore the restart option.

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